Tag, Tag, Tag or Not…


All of us have that friend that always tags us and many more in their posts, check in’s, group photos and more. Because of love to share people’s location, their thoughts and their photos with more audience, the social network is able to recognize both names and faces — unless you tell it to stop doing that.

Social networks have developed ways to offer users a possibility to control this. But still, the fact that a tag is not published in your timeline doesn’t mean that it is not saved under a server with your specific name and face.

We’re humans! We have many abilities that come naturally just as a merit of our senses. Through our eyes we are able to recognize people, to activate our brain cells to revive stories and moments. We can recognize and connect faces to events.

That little girl running after her father in the commercial between the two parts of the film screening in cinema, yeah she is now walking down the street with her grandmother. And the clerk at the bank front desk I met this morning, yes she is the one that stood next to me on our way out from the parking last week.

It only takes a few quick fixations before we recognize the person in front of us. But computers do not work this way. Computers have to put a lot more work to recognize people’s faces and get the answer right. They analyze our profile photos and other pictures that we’ve consciously and manually have tagged ourselves, looking for unique characteristics of a particular person. Computers software’s analyze shapes of our faces, dimensions, eyes distance, smiles and colors of our hair.

Personally often I have felt as if my privacy was not there anymore. I was concerned especially by the friends of friends possibility to see, like, comment and even download.

Next time your social network offers you to tag, please don’t!