Indianapolis MotoGP, Marquez wins, Lorenzo 2nd, Rossi 3rd

Under a cloudy sky, with the threat of rain, the dry race is lived in a double duel between Marquez and Lorenzo for the win, and between Rossi and Pedrosa for the third place. A close fight which remained open until the end. _76860602_marcmarquez,jorgelorenzoandvalentinorossibattleduringtheindianapolismotogp Lorenzo started perfectly, followed by the Honda of Marquez and Pedrosa, with Rossi who takes a lap and a half to get rid of three opponents and be the 4th. In front Lorenzo and Marquez dictate their rhythm, with Rossi and Pedrosa not able to get closer to them. After a third of the race Lorenzo test the extension, but without success, while Rossi starts to close the distance with Pedrosa and on lap 18 he overtakes him. But Pedrosa does not give up. Rossi-Pedrosa swap positions twice, while Lorenzo-Marquez continue their duel. Marc overtakes Lorenzo 3 laps before the end of the race, but Jorge does not give up. In the last lap Marquez burned Lorenzo, who had the tires reduced to the paintings, and Rossi resists Pedrosa’s pressure to win a place in podium . This is the 14th podium in a row for Rossi, who lost only 4 points against Lorenzo in a battle for MotoGP World Championship. Rossi 195 points, Lorenzo 186 points, Marquez 139 points. The game is open. There will be fun in the next 8 races.
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