Wear That White Shirt!





If you don’t have one, buy it. If you have one, make it two (you always need a second option in case of an accident).

Photos from Pinterest
Photos from Pinterest

It has been my uniform in every job interview. Many of them so far. Most of them successful.

Photo 2 - Illustration from Pinterest

Have you tried it with skinny leather pants? Feel the ground tremble from your confidence.

You can try it with some shorts. Excellent for an effortless look in an afternoon by the sea, or the lake…or the river.

Photo 3 - Illustration from Pinterest

Make it casual with a short summer skirt and a pair of ballerinas.


The white shirt is not necessarily formal. Pair it with a fifties’ skirt and rolled up sleeves. Flats or heels, it doesn’t matter. You will feel sexy and feminine at the same time.

My favorite combo, boyfriend jeans and white shirt. Oh don’t I feel good!Photo 1 - Illustration from Pinterest
Any better ideas? Please share with me. I have to give it a try.

~ La Vie en Rose ~