Why I’m Cheating On Facebook With WordPress

I need to purge the entire thing, or elements of it. When I started blogging in March I used to link my posts to my personal Facebook page. The reaction I got ranged from people just taking the piss to people being supportive.

I stopped sharing on Facebook and focused on interacting with the WordPress community as everyone on here is a blogger so your words are being read by like minded people, I find its also a really supportive community, always constructive.

Recently, my Facebook feed has just been filled with stuff I’m just not interested in, annoying vine videos of people eating to much cinnamon or Facebook status updates from people that I’ve not seen in years.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook as a concept but since being in the WordPress community I wish that my Facebook community could be similar. I want to share what I write with more people but not with my current Facebook setup.

Maybe its time for a purge, do I really need all these so called “friends” on Facebook or just limit myself to people who I see everyday and love and appreciate.

It annoys me when I see a gallery of hundreds off photos on Facebook with no words. Just posted quickly to show off where you’ve been, and then, lost forever in your social network closet.

Don’t get me wrong I like galleries, but I’m not interested in seeing someones holiday to Greece that I haven’t seen for nearly a decade.

Time for a purge me thinks to clear out my social media closet.

~ Globe Trotting ~

 “In 20 years time you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things you did”