10 Things I Learnt in St. Lucia

Last February I visited St. Lucia.

By James Scott

St. Lucia is a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean and here are 10 Things I learnt there:

1- Drink Rum or Beer (Piton) – a lot of spirits and alcohol are imported so try to stick to drinking local rum, Rum Punch is popular in St Lucia and it’s perfectly acceptable to drink this at any time of the day 😉

2- Slow Service – On the vast majority of times we ate in restaurants we found the service slow in comparison to what we are used to, this is especially true in Marigot Bay where we had to wait about 45 minutes for a small breakfast one morning, its just the way it is.

3- Use locals for boat trips – There are countless Catamaran trips to go on that take you around the island. The locals have smaller boats and you can rent these at a much cheaper cost. You are also often the only ones on the boat so your day is flexible in comparison to being on a larger Catamaran with more people.

4- Shopping – Go to larger supermarkets to buy food for the day or if your staying in accommodation with a kitchen. We stayed in an amazing house on the hill in Marigot Bay and got a taxi to the local Super J’s, we spent about 400EC for a weeks worth of shopping, much cheaper than eating out.

5- Don’t wear jewellery in the Sulphur Springs – The volcanic sulphur springs are located near Soufriere, they give you the opportunity to cover yourself in volcanic mud and sit in a hot volcanic bath, if you forget to take off jewellery it will turn a brown colour once you get out, if you do forget to take jewellery off then soaking it in toothpaste and scrubbing with a toothbrush seems to work well.

6- Visit Sugar Beach – Sugar beach sits below the majestic Pitons, there is a marine reserve here which is amazing for Scuba and snorkelling.

7- Rainstorms – We visited in February and the majority of days are sunny and hot, you can encounter rain storms, normally in the morning or late afternoon, they only last about 30 mins and are actually quite refreshing. The majority of the rain we experienced happened overnight though.

8- Expensive Tourist Areas – The main tourist areas can be expensive, over inflated prices, try and stick to local shops and restaurants that are out of these areas. Marigot Bay is super expensive, I remember a Melon in one of the shops was priced at around £7 ($13). the general rule of thumb in St Lucia is that if its imported, its expensive, so ask around and eat and drink whats grown and made on the Island.

9- Invasion of the Lion Fish – We found these creatures either washed up on the beach or cut up into bits laying on the ground. These fish are destroying the ecosystem by eating small reef fish, they also have venomous spines so beware when diving and watch where you walk as stepping on one of these spines can be nasty.

10- Slow pace of life – The pace of life in St Lucia is slow and relaxed, the best thing to do is go with it and as one women said to us “Do Your Ting”

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