Inspiration Thursday!

Favorite mid fall looks

I was inspired from three 2015 movies, although many of us has already our style to impress and express our self’s, we are in a continuous search of statements.

The first movie is Cinderella, a classic Disney movie, where the princess needs always the prince to save her from the bad. The princess in 2015 doesn’t need the prince to save her, she needs the romance and a loyal partner to live the dream.

Therefore the style is based on the endless romance with a glance of a strong statement that she is her own savior.

The colors I suggest are strong as her need for love. Black and underneath red, is a new trend. Black and RedFURIOUS 7
The second movie is Furious 7, leather pants are so in this season. Many designers have expressed this huge trend in leather clothing designs. Although the price of a good pair of leather pants may vary from 500$-5000$, many designers propose some amazing leather imitations who gives you the same chic look at real ones.

My favorite combination is white shirt and ankle boots! A simple look for a girl who’s not afraid to risk eager to rule the world. In a cold day and grey day, add to this look a shearing color-block gilet or coat, a must have for 2015.


The Intern, the new comedy two amazing actors, Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway. She is absolutely flawless, strong hardworking mom, beautiful and with a joyful feminine look. She inspired me to propose you a different colorful style, still going strong again this fall. Is amazing how many styles you can combine with a simple pair of dark blue leggings. Either is a embroided crystals top or just a simple blouse. The must have of this fall are the colorful boots. IMG_4806