Cream of Rice in Poppy Seeds

Fashion Food inspired by Venera Lumani

By Adda’s All

I was inspired by the white dress of a Venera Lumani an Albanian singer known for her extraordinary voice. I created this creamy rice in Albania that we call “mualebi” to name the white color of her dress. Instead of rice flour in Albania makes this cream with rice starch.


150 ml. of milk

2 tablespoons rice starch

3 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons poppy seeds

a bit of vanilla

a knob of butter to taste


Put the milk on heat and vanilla and sugarMix the starch with a little water til it completely melts together. When the milk starts to heat up pour also the starch. Stir constantly until everything looks nice and creamy. If you wish, also add a knob of butter.

Divide it, in several glasses to let it cool completely. Put in the fridge to harden.

Don’t forget to add the poppy seeds before serving.


venera lumani_cream rice