Healthy New Year 2016!!!


by Erinda Kosturi

Well, January is here… I have to admit, years pass by so fast, but days hardly do. And still it’s January again…

Around this time, I always think about Resolutions. You know, those little things we promise out loud, or process quietly inside our minds… And every time, without disappointment we fail to stick to them. In a way, they are like babies… It’s fun to have them, but a torture to keep up with them, maintain them. Don’t hate me now, please!

Well this year, I have a couple of suggestions so you can have a Healthy 2016 ahead!

Every year with no exception I read everywhere about losing weight : weight we’ve been carrying on for years, weight we’ve gained through Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas, New Year’s night, sweets, alcohol and extra food that has kept us safe, but sadly rarely, have I heard anyone giving advice about caring for our mental well-being.

There are warnings about cigarettes and alcohol, excessive sweets or processed food everywhere around us, but less obvious problems, like loneliness, rejection, social isolation, hurt just as much, or even more if it’s possible.

The first lesson is to identify the enemy. If you do not say it out loud, what is hurting you, what is causing you to feel inappropriate, feel pain, discomfort of any kind, chances are you are going to feed the problem until it starts feeding on you. So if days pass by and you do not feel any improvement don’t just ignore the situation.

Take action. Feeling lonely is not just a matter of being alone. Its roots go deeper. This is not a psychological article. Loneliness increases the chances of early death by 14%. Do not isolate yourself, it will get to you. Reach out for people of your past, family, friends, loved ones. Connect and become social.

Body wounds heal faster than psychological ones. I’d rather have big wounds on my body, than deal with the helplessness feeling of the psychological ones. They tend to become a Catch 22. As time passes they are more difficult to heal. So now, is the right time to act! Stop the bleeding. Eat better, sleep better, find time to walk or exercise outside, not in the gym. Put on your favorite music and follow your own rhythm.

Prefer eating a good breakfast, rather than sticking to the on the go coffee. Eat smaller portions but chew longer. Find your own pace and don’t tag along with others.

Emotional hygiene is just as important as your body hygiene. Find time to take care or your emotions just as you find time for your daily shower. Self- esteem is the most important part you have to take care of. Think of it as your psychological immune system. Boost it. Eat right, sleep right, focus on what is true rather than what your perceptions are. What you feel is not always right. It’s often a nice trick our minds play.

For years we have bottled up our emotions, escaping from facing them and pain has escalated to levels we are no more familiar with.

We go to our GP, complaining about head aches, stomach aches, back pain, restlessness leg syndromes, insomnia and so many more, which turn out to have a psychological background we need to cure first.

So, if your resolution is to stop smoking, good for you!!! But in the process, please take care about addictions that do not come with warnings, such as constantly nourishing exhaustive feelings.

Healthy New Year everybody! Take good care of you!