Europe. The Young Generation

As part of the collaboration with One Europe our team is participating in a three days conference “Europe. The young generation” taking place in Berlin, Germany – Schwanenwerder, September 2015.


Europe seems to be a daily reality and very abstract at once. Many young people enjoy European cultural diversity and the freedom of movement granted by Schengen. While enthusiasm for languages, culture and encounters with fellow Europeans is ever popular, this trend has not automatically generated identification with the political structure of the “EU”. On the contrary, we are currently facing a return of national, sometimes even nationalist approaches. The tiresome process to keep Greece in the Eurozone or the lack of coherent European refugee and asylum policies have shaped the image of Europe during this summer.

“Debating Europe online” – Join the discussion on Publixphere!

Before, during and after the conference, the political discussion platform Publixphere will make your voice heard. Starting Sept. 5th 2015, you will find three controversial discussions on the issues solidarity in Europe, European identity and youth participation.

Check out Publixphere and join the discussions. Your ideas, questions and opinions will be included in the conference.

“Forwarding Europe”– Help promoting good ideas on social media!

The conference’s hashtag is #fwdeurope.

To open up the discussion prior to the conference, we are contributing to an online debate on the following:

  • How can this tension between Europe as a daily reality and the nationalist turn in politics be explained?
  • Are we further away from a European republic or a Political Union than we used to be?
  • How can a more vivid debate about the political project “European integration” be triggered?